The fears of minimizing

Remember the goal I’d set for myself in my first post? No? Here’s a reminder:

The first goal: Photograph everything I’m going to put up for sale.

I did it. I’ve made pictures of my shoes (3 pair, sold!), my dresses (4 dresses, sold 1 so far), some necklaces (5 to be exact, sold 1 so far), my BlackBerry (sold!) and my camera (sold!).

I’m pretty sure there is more clothing, books, DVDs and other stuff I could put up for sale, but these where the main items I’ve been wanting to get rid of. So this is a good start!

I’ve also collected all the magazines that were lying around the house, collecting dust. I’ve stopped buying magazines ages ago. My parents gave me a subscription on Quest Magazine for my birthday, my mom gives here magazines to me after she’s done reading them, and if I really would like to read a certain magazine, I borrow it at the library. But I still had a lot of old magazines stuffed away at the back of some shelves.

So I took them all, put them in a large bag and brought them to my boyfriend’s mother. She works at a nursing home, so she brings the magazines to work for the people there to read.

Simon, one of my cats, is a huge fan of bags. He wasn’t to pleased about me taking away “his” bag of magazines.

When I was sorting out my jewelry I came across some stuff I thought one of my friends would like. So I packed it, went to her house and gave it to her. She was very pleased with it.

So the house is getting emptier one step at a time. I’m still afraid to open some cabinets, because I know the amount of stuff that’s hidden behind the cabinet doors … I’m pretty sure it will start to hunt me in my dreams after a while, so I have to face all that stuff sooner or later.

I do believe fear is a natural reaction when you’re simplyfing or minimizing your life. We live in a society where it’s totaly normal to buy all kinds of stuff. The amounts of advertisement are enormous. Whether it’s to make you buy the latest game consoles, try out the most vibrant hair coloring products or to lure you to the movie theater to see all the new movies that came out.

In our society it seems like what you own is who you are. So by getting rid of stuff, you might get the feeling you’re getting rid of yourself. Or at least I do sometimes.

Or as Karl Augustus Menninger said:

Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.


So, what do you think?

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