All fools can criticize …

Complaining. The Dutch are famous for it (and for legal drugs, Heineken, tulips, riding their bike everywhere and the down-to-earth mentality …). I’m Dutch, and I can tell you I’m a big time complainer. The weather, traffic, other people, work, stuff on TV … You name it, we complain about it.

com·plain [kuhm-pleyn]

To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment

Why do we complain so much? I really don’t know. It doesn’t make me feel better, it really just sucks the energy out of me to be honest.

Is it easy to complain? Yes, most definitely yes. Way more easier than being positive.

I’ve once heard someone say: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.”

I must admit I don’t totally agree on that one. Not because I like being mean, but because I think sometimes there’s just not a nice way to put something.

But then again, there’s a difference between not being nice and complaining. So I would rather go by the saying: “If you only have something to complain about, just shut up.”

And that’s what I’m going to do: Just shut up.

  • Ever heard of “A Complaint Free World”? Well, to be short: You put a (rubber) bracelet around one of your wrists and every time you complain, you move it to your other wrist. The goal is to not complain for 21 days in a row. Every time you complain and have to move your bracelet you have to start at day 1 again. Most people it will take about 4 to 10 months before they get to not complaining for 21 days in a row. So it might be more difficult than it seems.
  • When will you have to move your bracelet? When you find yourself gossiping, criticizing, complaining, judging or being negative in another way. You also will have to move your bracelet when you point out to someone else that he or she’s complaining.
  • Does thoughts count as a complain? No, they don’t. In your thoughts you’re free to think whatever you want. Just don’t say it out loud.

So, here we go. I’m not a big fan of wearing a bracelet everyday, so I’m going with a hair elastic. Want to join me or have you tried this challenge before? Share your thoughts on it, I’m curious to find out.


It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere

– Agnes Repplier


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