Natural beauty products

Never put anything on your face you wouldn’t put in your mouth

Going no ‘poo is one thing, not using any other regular cosmetic products is a whole other thing. What can you use to replace your make up remover, your moisturizer, hair masks, facial masks and all that kind of stuff? Well, just take a good look at what’s in your kitchen cabinets!

Whitening toothpaste

Mash up 1 strawberry (you can use a fork or a blender) in a bowl. Ad half a tablespoon of baking soda. Mix the whole thing up and put some on your toothbrush. Brush your teeth with the strawberry/baking soda mixture. You can put some more on your toothbrush any time you want during brushing. Rinse well with water. In addition you can brush your teeth with the toothpaste you normally use. You can use this method about twice a week.

Lip balm

Just use some honey or olive oil to put on your lips. The honey is a bit sticky, but it does taste yummy!


I like to use some olive oil. I apply a small amount on my face right before I go to bed. Just put it on your face using your fingers. Make sure you massage it in very well. Even though the skin will absorb the oil by itself eventually, massaging it into your skin will prevent that most of the oil is going to end up onto your pillow instead of on your face.

Make up remover

For this I also like to use olive oil. I mix a small amount with a bit of water. Make sure you mix it well, otherwise the water and oil will stay separated from each other. Put a small amount onto a cotton pad or ball and just clean your face with it. I like to use one side of the pad to remove my make up and the other side to remove the oil. Rinse your face with water and gently dry it with a soft towel.

Facial mask

There are many homemade facial mask you can make, but the most simple one must be the egg-mask. Just take 1 egg, crack it open and separate the white from the yolk (I usually put them in separate bowls). Mix up the white until you see little bubbles coming on top of it. Then just put it all over your face by using your fingers or a small brush. Let it dry and when you can’t smile anymore (the egg gets hard on your face) you can rinse it of and dry your face. After that you can use some of the yolk as a moisturizer. Take a small amount, put in on your face with your fingers or a small brush, wait until you can’t smile anymore and rinse it of with water. Dry your face afterwards. This mask will reduce your pores and give you somewhat of a temporary face lift.

Facial mask 2

Take 2 aspirins, put them in a bowl, ad 1 teaspoon of water and some drops of honey, mix them up with your fingers and apply to your face. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes, rinse of and dry your face. This will even out your skin tone a bit more and reduce the size of your pores.

Reduce dark circles and puffiness under your eyes

Cut a potato in half and place them under your eyes. Just hold them for about 10 minutes, rinse your face with water and dry and the dark circles and little bags under your eyes will be a little less noticeable. For this you can also use cold teabags from black or Camille tea.

Hair mask

Well, OK, this one isn’t actually homemade, but it’s still very nice. Just get a box of colorless henna (I buy them at the local nature store). Cook some water, ad about 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (or just normal conditioner if you prefer that) and mix it up in a bowl using a PLASTIC spoon (DO NOT use any metals! Henna and metals are not a good combination, it causes chemical reactions. So make sure you use a plastic spoon and a bowl that doesn’t contain metals. Also make sure you’re not wearing any jewelry). Put it all over your hair (make sure you wear old clothes or cover up your clothes, because you will get dirty, so is your bathroom, so make sure you put a newspaper or a plastic bag or anything on the floor), massage it in and cover it with plastic foil. Wrap an old towel (because you might get some stains on it) around your head, secure and just go do whatever you want. Let it sit for about 2 hours, go into the shower and rinse it out of your hair. Henna looks and smells pretty much like crap, so if you want to get the smell out of your hair right away just wash it with baking soda (or if your not no ‘poo like me, just use your normal shampoo).



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