Week 4 of going No ‘Poo

Week 4 already. It somehow still feels like it’s been forever, like I’ve never been using regular hair care products anyway. I do notice my hair isn’t getting greasy so fast anymore and that it becomes softer. I don’t feel like my hair is getting thicker or anything, something I was kind of hoping for. But who knows, maybe it will get thicker one day. I just continue my no ‘poo washing routine.

So, what did week 4 looked like?

Monday 14-05-2012

Washed my hair with water only. It was a bit dry, but other than that it looked just fine.

Tuesday 15-05-2012

Just brushed my hair and that’s it. In the evening I’d put some corn starch in my hair, because it was getting a bit greasy.

Wednesday 16-05-2012

My hair was looking fine, thanks to the corn starch. Because I will be leaving on a short trip tomorrow, I wanted to wash my hair. I decided to try something new, so in the evening I washed my hair with a mixture of baking soda, clay powder, tea tree oil and water. As a conditioner I used apple cider vinegar with lemon juice from 1 squeezed lemon. My hair was really soft and shiny.

Thursday 17-05-2012

My hair was still looking really good. I just made it a bit damp with the spray bottle to get some of the curls back.

Friday 18-05-2012

Still looking pretty nice. Because I was outside all day and there was a lot of wind (as pretty much always in the Netherlands), so I braided my hair to prevent it from getting tangled.

Saturday 19-05-2012

Washed my hair with water only. After drying it was a bit greasy, but not enough to care.

Sunday 20-05-2012

Didn’t felt like washing my hair, so I just braided it and it looked fine.



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