Writing: A socially acceptable form of schizophrenia

Writing, it’s a magical thing. You can escape from reality and create your own world where everything is possible. I think writing can be beneficial for a lot of people. Whether you write a journal, a short story, a poem, fantasy, thriller or science fiction, it will give you the opportunity to give a form to your imagination and to unravel all the thoughts you have inside. Surprise yourself, write something. See for yourself that you are capable of creating wonderful things.

To give you a head starts, here are some tips on finding inspiration to write.

Get yourself a notebook. Even when you like writing on the computer better, still get yourself a notebook. You’ll be able to carry it around when leaving the house, so you always can write down an idea when inspiration suddenly strikes you. Pick a notebook you feel comfortable writing in. Maybe you like a real fancy one, but it’s also possible you would rather write in a simple one, because you feel intimidated when things get too fancy.

Take a walk. Observe the world around you and you will see that there are all kind of things you’ve never noticed before.

Find a place with moving water and just sit for a while. Just look at the water, simply watching it flow. Or maybe you can build a fire and watch the flames. Watching hypnotic, natural movement is a wonderful way to allow you subconscious the freedom to come up with inspiring ideas.

Do some mindless tasks. Washing dishes, dusting blinds, vacuuming … Activity keeps your conscious mind busy. Allow your hands to move with automatically while your mind meanders.

Visit a forum about writing. I’m pretty sure you will find some amazing ideas. They will give you energy and motivation for your writing.

Keep a writing journal. Even if you’re not ready to write something yet, or just don’t have the time, write down your ideas. Maybe it are just a few words and maybe it’s an entire plot. It doesn’t matter. By writing your ideas down you are thinking about writing and making it a part of your life. Reading through your notes is also a great way for getting some inspiration when you’re stuck.

Listen to some music. It doesn’t matter what kind of music, whether it’s Mozart or Eminem, nature sounds or hardcore, just go with what ever you like. Put it on while writing or while thinking of some ideas for your writing. Let it be like the soundtrack of your story.

Look at pictures. Whether it’s online or in an actual photo album, you might find yourself coming up with all kind of stories to go with the picture. Maybe it’s something that actually happened at the time the picture was taken, maybe it’s something you just come up with when seeing a picture.

Try to remember your dreams. Write them down right after you woke up. It’s OK if you don’t remember everything, just write down the things you do remember. it’s also OK if it doesn’t makes any sence. Dreams are interesting things. They have a complete disregard for the rules of reality and can create a world of their own. Get inspired by the things you are capable of creating without even being awake.

Go on a hunt for some writing prompts. Google is your best friend. Just type in “Writing prompts” and you will find all kind of sites that will offer you wonderful prompts to get you started on writing. Just pick a few that spark your imagination and write. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it’s all OK, as long as you write.

Write in a comfortable place. Maybe you like writing in a public place, at the library or just by yourself at home, in your bed or maybe in the bathtub. Just go with whatever suits you.

Just read a book. Instead of watching TV or sitting behind your laptop all day, pick up a book. Get one at the library, buy one at the bookstore or just borrow some of a friend or family member. Go with a book that really sparks your enthusiasm to read it and then just read.

Write for the fun of it. Don’t feel like everything has to be perfect because otherwise it won’t get accepted by a publisher. Just don’t write for a publisher, write for yourself. Write because it makes you feel good, because you can be proud of yourself, because it’s fun, or for what ever reason you like. But try not to make writing about someone else.

Don’t quit. I know it’s hard when you feel like your stuck or when you re-read your writing and think it just sucks! Don’t throw it away, keep it so you can re-read it later to learn from it. Of course you can feel a bit down every once in a while because things aren’t going the way you want to. But getting upset and staying upset won’t help you. You can fall, lay on the ground as long as you want to, just as long as you get up eventually. Continue writing, even when it’s hard. Just write, even when you think it’s crap. There will come a certain point you find yourself writing something, maybe just one sentence, you actually like.

If you want to you can take part in Camp Nanowrimo. It will be in June and/or August. Nanowrimo also takes place in November. For more information, visit www.campnanowrimo.org or www.nanowrimo.org. They have a wonderful forum and I highly recommend visiting it for some inspiration.

I believe in you. Now all you’ve got to do is to believe in yourself.



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