Cheapskate tips

I spend a lot of money on all kind of things. Do I like it? Not really … For most of the time I buy things I do not really enjoy, so that’s actually just a waste of money. So I’ve decided to find some ways to save a bit of money in a way I like. I’m not a cheapskate, but I do like more money left on the bank at the end of the month.

So here are some saving tips and tricks I like:

  • The sun will dry your clothes for free, the dryer won’t. Just hang your wet clothes outside to dry when the sun is shining. I don’t even own a dryer and just hang my clothes inside when it’s raining or really cold. Yes, it takes longer to dry, but it also saves a lot of money.
  • Don’t use as much detergent. Really, there’s no need for it, your clothes will get clean with less detergent.
  • Wash on a lower temperature. I only was underwear on a higher temperature, everything else gets washed on 40 Celsius degree. My washing machine doesn’t have a 30 Celsius degree option, but if yours does, you can use that one and still get nice and clean clothes.
  • I’m a cat owner and I love my cats so much, I would give my life for them. What I do not love so much however is the smell of the litter box. To help reduce the smell I just sprinkle used, dried tea leaves in the litter box.
  • Carpet can get a bit of a nasty smell sometimes, so what I like to do is to sprinkle some dried tea leaves on them, crush them a bit and let sit for 10 minutes, then vacuum. This will refresh the carpet and deodorize your vacuum cleaner and bag (especially useful if you have pets like I do).
  • Sometimes there are a bit of unpleasant smells in the fridge. I like to place dried, used green tea bags or leaves in a small open bowl in my refrigerator to help absorb odors.
  • I’m not a big fan of toxic cleaning products, but I am a big fan of a clean and fresh house. So when I’m done with squeezing a lemon, I use the rest of the lemon for cleaning the kitchen. Just sprinkle the area your would like to clean with salt or baking soda (to act as an abrasive) and then rub with the lemon halves (be careful using lemon on sensitive surfaces such as marble).
  • I drink a lot of tea and after a while mineral deposit build up in the kettle. So after I’m done using the lemon left overs to clean, I fill the kettle with water and a handful of lemon peels and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and let sit for an hour, drain, and rinse well.
  • I don’t eat a lot of potatoes, but when I do I like to use the peels to make some potato crisps. Mix the potato peels with enough lemon juice and olive oil to evenly coat them. Spread the peels in a layer on a baking sheet and cook at 200 Celsius degrees, stirring once, until golden brown (about 10 minutes). Season to taste if you like.
  • To save money, I like to set myself the challenge of not spending any money for a week every once in a while. By not spending money you’ll have to take a good look into all your cabinets to see what kind of food there’s left. You will make some creative meals and also get rid of all the food that was still in your house.
  • If you have some food left but don’t know what to make with it, just go only to find a recipe in which some, or all, of the food is used.
  • Take your own bags when you go grocery shopping. Not only is it better for the environment when you don’t use the plastic or paper bags at the store, but if your supermarket is like mine and while charge you for the bags, you also will save some money.
  • I use re-usable lunch bags to take my lunch with me. It’s better for the environment and for my wallet.
  • Don’t use a credit card. I don’t own a credit card and yes, I can survive without. By using a credit card you most likely will spend more money than you think. Just pay with a debit card or pay cash.
  • I put all my change in a jar to save it for when I want to go do something fun.



3 thoughts on “Cheapskate tips

  1. You could dry using a detergent like EcoNuts, a little box I paid $10 US for has lasted me over 6 months and going strong. Vinegar takes the place of fabric softener, and baking soda sprinkled and left overnight and then vaccuumed up makes a great carpet powder. Heck, you can even use baking soda to clean anything that needs an abrasive (I don’t recommend it for countertops, it leaves them pretty gritty.)

    • Thank you very much for your tips! 😀 I have been reading about the EcoNuts, but now you tell me they actually work I might even try them! 😀

      • I started using them for diapers, but once I’m out of the detergent I have for clothes, I will just switch to them completely. They get everything really clean and couldn’t possibly be more cost effective. No residues to dull things and good for the environment. And cheap, I shouldn’t forget cheap.

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