Once-a-Month Grocery Shopping

Usually I go to the supermarket a few times a week. I always buy things I don’t need and, shame on me, most of the food gets thrown away because I didn’t used it. I’m not a big fan of spending lots of money on groceries, and I always try to set a budget for myself, but I usually fail. So I went online to search for some tips on how to spend less on grocery shopping and I found something I at first thought wasn’t possible: Only go once a month to the supermarket to do your groceries. Once a month?! I mean, once a week, OK. Once every two weeks, maybe. But ONCE A MONTH?! How?!

Well now, before I was about to have a panic attack, I did some more research. The trick is to eat all the fresh products in the first two weeks of the month. Because I also want to eat veggies and fruits in the second part of the month, I decided to go with veggies and fruits that have a bit of a longer lifespan when stored correctly.

Well, wonderful, only go grocery shopping once a month, but what about the budget? Please, I ask you to sit down (if you have severe heart problems, you might want to stop reading).

The budget for one month of groceries for two people:

€50,00 (that’s something like 63,00 USD and 40,00 GBP)

So, here’s my menu for the entire month and the grocery list I’ve made. Stuff I already have lying around in my cabinets are not on the grocery list of course. Also you can see (or can’t see actually) that there’s no cat food or litter on the list. I already have those at home and order them in bulk when I run out. My shopping list is divided into three categories: Albert Heijn (it’s a big Dutch supermarket), C1000 (another big Dutch supermarket) and at the bottom you see some products about which I wasn’t sure where to buy them, so I’ll just check in the stores to see if they have a good deal.

Of course, there are more than two kinds of supermarkets in the Netherlands, but these two are the closest to my house and after some research (yes, I even did some online research for every supermarket in the area to see if they had any sweet deals to offer) I came to the conclusion that going to another supermarket for only one or two products would cost me more on benzine, which harms the environment and my wallet.

Monthly menu:

Week 1

  • Monday: Rice with cucumber, peanut sauce and vega meatballs
  • Tuesday: Baked potatoes and green beans
  • Wednesday: Lasagna
  • Thursday: Endive stew with vega meatballs
  • Friday: Soup
  • Saturday: Wraps with avocado, lettuce, vega meat, pine nuts, tomato
  • Sunday: Rice with vega meat and scraps

Week 2

  • Monday: Potatoes with green beans and applesauce
  • Tuesday: Wraps with pineapple, paprika, beans and vega cheese
  • Wednesday: Rice with pineapple, green beans and vega meat
  • Thursday: Broccoli stew with pine nuts
  • Friday: Soup
  • Saturday: Kebab sandwich with lettuce, vega kebab and sauce
  • Sunday: Pasta with vega meat and tomato sauce

Week 3

  • Monday: Baked potatoes with lettuce, tomato and pine nuts
  • Tuesday: Wraps with tomato, cheese and vega kebab
  • Wednesday: Fried rice with peanut sauce
  • Thursday: Sauerkraut stew with mandarins
  • Friday: Soup
  • Saturday: Pancakes
  • Sunday: Pasta with scraps

Week 4

  • Monday: Potatoes with baked beans and applesauce
  • Tuesday: Bread
  • Wednesday: Wraps with paprika, vega meat, rice, apple
  • Thursday: French bean stew with cashew nuts
  • Friday: Soup
  • Saturday: Pancakes
  • Sunday: Leftovers

Grocery list:

Albert Heijn

  • Canned pineapple (AH Pineapple slices in heavy syrup for € 0.61)
  • Kebab rolls (Euro Shopper Shoarma Rolls 8 pcs € 0.58)
  • Canned mandarin (Euro Shopper Mandarins in light syrup for € 0.75)
  • Bread (AH 2 whole loaves for € 2.00)
  • 1 kg pack bread mix (Euro Shopper Breadmix multigrain 1 kilo to € 1,77)
  • Lemonade (AH Dubbelfris 1.5 liter 3 pieces for € 1,79)
  • Spreads (AH Peanut butter 600 grams for € 1.74)
  • Satay (peanut sauce microwave Remia AH 265 ml € 0.97)
  • Tomato sauce (pasta sauce Sugo AH herbs € 0.96)
  • Soup 4 meals (AH soup for € 0.66 and Unox soup for € 0.78)
  • Lasagna (AH Italian lasagna (2-3 persons) € 1.80)
  • Yogurt (AH yoghurt 1 liter € 0.68)
  • Custard (AH chocolate/vanilla 1 liter € 0.81)
  • Vega meatballs 2 meals (AH Vega balls for € 2.59)
  • Vega chopped 6 meals (AH pure & honest organic tofu meat for € 1.99)
  • Soy milk (Alpro AH Original for € 1.25)
  • Paprika (AH paprika red/green/yellow for € 1.49)
  • Brocoli (AH Broccoli for € 0.65)
  • Lettuce (AH Lettuce for € 0.59)
  • Avocado (Avocado AH for 1 piece € 0.99)
  • Sauerkraut (AH Sauerkraut natural for € 0.59)
  • Pancake mix 2x (AH pancake mix for € 0.54)
  • Carrots (AH Carrots for € 0.99)
  • Wraps (Tortilla Wraps AH 12 pieces for € 2.18)
  • Canned white beans in tomato sauce (AH beans, can € 0.59)
  • Green beans (AH Green beans for € 2.49)

Total: € 34.81


  • Endive (Endive C1000 400 grams € 1.00)
  • Tomato (250 gram C1000 for € 0.69)
  • Apples (C100 Braeburn apples, Granny Smith or Royal Gala, 1 kg for € 1.00)

Total: € 2.69

Remaining products:

  • Bag of potatoes
  • Jar of applesauce 2x
  • Vega kebab
  • String beans
  • Cashew nuts
  • Fruit on sale
  • Lemon
  • 4x a treat

Total: Max. € 12.50



3 thoughts on “Once-a-Month Grocery Shopping

  1. I think that’s absolutely fabulous what you’re doing. We did the once a month shopping thing for several years and saved up enough money to pay cash for three houses and several cars, but then again, we live in Texas and everything is cheap here. (Everything is lame here too. You get what you pay for.)

    • Thank you very much 😀 Well, I’ve never been to Texas, but I’m pretty sure the Hollywood-version of it isn’t accurate, so I’ll just believe you 😉 But really, three houses and several cars?! If I want to buy a small apartment in a bad neighborhood it will at least cost me 120.000 euros (that’s something like 150.000 USD). Do you got any tips for me for saving more?

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