Quitting Facebook

O dear Lord, I’m quitting Facebook. I never thought it would be possible and I’m still not entirely sure if it is, but I have to. I’m spending too much time on Facebook. It’s taking over my life. And yes, I know, that’s just pathetic … I’m addicted. Facebook is like a fridge to me: I keep opening it up every few minutes, hoping to find something new and exciting, but nothing ever changes.

So it’s time to say goodbye (am I the only one who suddenly feels the need to sing that song?).

Dear Facebook-friends,

First of all: I’m grateful for Facebook.

No other venue allowed me to reach so many people so easily, so quickly, with so little expense. Through Facebook, I reconnected with individuals from my past, classmates, old friends and family members.

And as a means of finding someone on this planet, Facebook has worked better than any other service, because it’s international. I can find someone who lives on the other side of the world in just a few seconds and catch up on their lives. Same story the other way around: over the past few years hundreds of people found me through Facebook.

Facebook allowed me to post messages on my friends walls to tell them I love them, it allowed me to chat with old classmates and family members and it made it possible to share things I found interesting.

And there is more. But I didn’t intend to write a eulogy for Facebook, so this will have to suffice.

So far, this side of the Facebook-coin has been bright and shiny. Admire this side of the coin as long as you want to. And when you are ready, turn the coin over.

I will deactivate Facebook primarily because I am addicted to it. Though I don’t play any games, though I don’t take quizzes, use apps, respond to requests, the incredible access to people brings me to Facebook too often. I have tried various methods to control this, efforts to keep the shiny side of the coin always up.

And if I really know you, and/or if I really see you once a year or so, and/or if I really am a friend of yours, email me after I deactivate Facebook. I want to keep in touch.

Take care, for you are all wonderful human beings.


7 thoughts on “Quitting Facebook

  1. I tried to leave Facebook. However, it’s the way my very extended family keeps in touch. It was not allowed for me to do so. Oh well.

    • I understand that. My family has only 7 members on one side and 6 on the other side, and I see them like once a year (some a bit more), so there’s no need for Facebook to keep in touch. But I can understand it’s an amazing thing to keep in touch with your extended family through Facebook 😀

    • That’s a good question actually … I don’t know really. For the past few years Facebook was a big part of my day. I guess I’ll just spent more time on the things I really like, like reading and writing.

  2. Just to let you know: even if you delete your profile, it’s still gonna be active for two or three months. I know this because some of my friends tried quitting when they were preparing for exams and writing their dissertations. When they came back to fb, their profiles just sort of re-activated themselves. So, if the withdrawal gets too harsh… 🙂

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