Getting out of your lazy-mode

Shame on me. Shame … on … me … It’s been, well, let’s just say, “a while” since the last time I’d posted a blog. It had nothing, or at least not much, to do with having no inspiration. It had to do with pure, loathed laziness. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, I admit it: I can be lazy sometimes. It’s not even about having no motivation. It’s about liking to hang on my coach, watching stupid tv shows and thinking: “Maybe I should write a blog, it’s been a while … Nah, never mind *goes back into lazy-mode*”.

To be honest, I dislike that lazy side of my personality, but I never put much effort into changing something about it (maybe because I’m too lazy? :P). But I have to admit; being lazy has caused many disappointment in my life. And yes, I’m the only one to blame.

Yes, thanks to my lack of effort to give myself a kick in the butt I’ve failed a lot of things. Yes, that sucks. Yes, I feel a bit sad about that sometimes. And that, feeling sad, is the point were I hit the brakes, get out and look at myself in disbelieve. You feel SAD about failing things because You Were Too Damn Lazy?! Excuse me?! Shame on you! Shame … On … You …

Yes, shame on me. Drowning into a pool of self-pity when I’m the only one to blame is disgusting! It’s making me feel sick about myself. So, what to do about it?

How to kick the lazy-habit?

Figure out what’s holding you back. Why is it so hard to do something? I mean, I like writing, a lot! But why is it taking so much to actually get up and do it? For me it’s usaully the fear of failure holding me back. I rather don’t try at all than fail something.

Make goals that are actually achievable. “Writing a book” seem a big goal, and it is, especially when you already have a hard time starting something. Such a big goal might discourage you even more. So start with a smaller goal, something like “write 250 words”.

Ask for help (if you need it). If you find something too hard to do on your own, ask someones help. Ask them to write with you or to read what you’ve written so you feel a little bit of pressure to actually finish your goal.

Whatever you do, don’t look for excuses. It’s easy to think: “Nah, I already did so much today, it’s perfectly understandable that I don’t feel like writing right now.” It’s easy to come up with an excuse not to do something. Instead, try to think: “I’ll do what I have to do, so I can do what I want to do.”

Consider getting rid of your television. Don’t shout me! Hear me out please. Think about all the benefits! You will gain so much extra time when you’re no longer wasting your time with watching stupid tv shows. And besides the extra time, think about the lack of temptation to lie around watching it constantly. But maybe you’re like me. Getting rid of your television might be a little bit too radical for you too. Maybe you can consider going to a TV-free place for a few hours a day, like the library or the local park or something, to get things done.

Get out off your lazy-mode. Even the smallest things might get you up and get going. Maybe just getting up to wash your hands might be enough to get you out of your lazy-mode.

Try not to make things bigger than they are. If you feeling reluctant to what you WANT to do, it might be because you’re creating an elephant out of a mosquito. Think about the small vs. big goals again. When you’re goal is to write 250 words, but you keep thinking about that whole book you “have” to write, it might get a real big step to get started. Focus on the journey, the little goals.

Do things NOW! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t even wait until the next hour. Just Do It NOW!

If nothing works, and you feel like it’s not only about being lazy, there might be more going on, like a depression. Seek medical help so you can talk about your problem and look for a solution.

(I used writing as an example, but of course you can use these tips for whatever goal you would like to achieve)


4 thoughts on “Getting out of your lazy-mode

    • I know how you feel. When writing I always feel like everything has to be perfect before I can even start. I need the perfect pen, the perfect notebook, the perfect laptop, the perfect story … All that “perfect” is holding me back. All that “perfect” is sucking the fun out off it. So I find it easier to rationalize things: I write for me, for fun, and not to get published.

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