How to make your own vitamin water

Vitamins and water, they are both extremely good for you. But if you are like me, you don’t get enough of neither of them.

I like water, it doesn’t bother me that it has no real taste, but I usually just forget to drink it. Same with vitamins, which are mostly found in fruits and vegetables. I like fruit, all kinds of fruit, but I usually just forget to eat them (and OK, to be honest, I’m also a bit lazy when it comes to peeling fruits. Yeah, I know, it’s absurd, but it’s true. Give me some non-peelable fruits, like berries, and I’m fine. But well yeah, berries aren’t in season every day of the year…).

So when I saw bottled vitamin water in the grocery store, I was in awe. Such a clever idea; combining the two things everyone knows that they’re good for you and make them into something easy to consume and easy to take with you. But I’m not a big fan of plastic bottles… Neither am I of all the additional stuff, like flavors and colors. So I passed them by and the idea kind of went in to the back of my mind.

As I mentioned before, peelable fruits, like oranges and lemons, usually go to waste around here, and passing by the fruit bowl, glancing at it out of the corner of my eye, always made me feel a bit guilty. Such a waste of such perfect fruits… So I began thinking about other ways to use up all that fruit, besides just eating it. I already made a lot of smoothies out of bananas and kiwis, and some of the oranges made it to become juice. But there was still plenty of fruit left. And that was when the memory of the vitamin water came to mind!

Homemade, no additional stuff, no preservatives, no plastic bottles and super easy to make.

Here’s how:

  • Take the fruits of your choice (I picked lemons and oranges)
  • Slice the fruits into rounds and cut those rounds into half
  • Place the whole shebang into a pitcher
  • Fill the pitcher with water (you can also add ice if you like to)
  • Bruce the fruits a little with the back of a wooden spoon
  • Set in the fridge for at least 4 hours
  • Enjoy!


Homemade vitamin water

You can also add herbs if you like. For instance, cucumber, lemon and mint might be a great combination for a refreshing drink during summer times. Or if you like your drink to be a bit more on the sweet side, try mixing up some variation of berries (if you would like your drink to have a bit of a pinch to it, squeeze in the juice of 2 limes and then just toss the limes in to the pitcher).

So, what kind of homemade vitamin water mixture would you make?


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