Making money the minimalistic way

As I told you guys in my last post I had quite a big amount of books, DVD’s and CD’s I wanted to get rid of. So, today I packed it all in some bags and little brother and I went to a second-hand bookstore. The guy there took a look at it all and chose whatever he wanted.

He wanted 27 books, 9 DVD’s and I gave him all the CD’s for free. He paid me € 50,00 (around 64,07 USD/43,01 GBP) for the whole lot!

So today I actually made some money by cleaning out some stuff I don’t even use and/or need!

IMG_7381Look at that crispy new bill!

The rest of the books I’ll be giving away to a local thrift store and to my in-laws, who also really like books!

I even managed to redecorate my living room a bit by ducking up some old cushion covers and vases and replace the current ones with them. Didn’t cost a thing!


4 thoughts on “Making money the minimalistic way

  1. Oh, I love those second-hand bookstores. I wish I could find some in the UK (not even one in my area). But they were so handy when I was living in Italy.

    • Too bad that you don’t have any in your area 😦 I also really like those second-hand bookstores. I had a lot of books that I didn’t even read, so it was a shame to just throw them out. Selling them was a nice option! Now a days I almost never buy books anymore, because I have an e-reader. Maybe you can sell some books online?

      • Yes, I agree with you. I have an e-reader for most of my books. I only keep paper copies of stuff I really want to keep, but being an avid reader (and I also travel quite a bit ;-)) the e-reader is a very good option to save space.
        I made a pile of the paper books I wanted to sell and had a mini-yard sale. It worked, I got rid of most of them. Others I donated them to language clubs (I have books in more than one language) so at least they will be useful to others 🙂 and I’ve registered on Bookcrossing some of the books sold/donated. It’s a fun way to track down where you book ends up.

        It’s nice to see others are having similar experiences with minimalism. Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

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