No ‘Poo 2.0 – Week 2

Monday, 13-10-2014

Last night I mixed up two mixtures: 1 tbsp of baking soda to 1 cup of water and 2 tbsp of baking soda to 1 cup of water. I’ll be trying out both quantities to test if my hair will feel less gritty, but still will get clean. I also prepared some herbal tea to mix in with my cassia treatment. For the herbal tea I simply added boiling water to 2 bags of nettle tea and 1 bag of mint tea, left to steep overnight.


Supplies used for the herbal tea: rosemary, mint tea and nettle tea

This morning I mixed up my cassia treatment, using 100 grams of cassia, mixed with approximately 1 cup of the herbal tea, 1 tbsp aloe vera gel, 3 tbsp of honey and 1 whole egg + 1 egg white. I applied it to my hair, covered it with a plastic bag and left it in for three hours (you don’t need to leave it in for that long, but I was just at home, so I left it in for longer). Then I hopped into the shower and first spend a good amount of time rinsing all the cassia out of my hair. My hair somehow got a bit tangly, so I carefully combed it through.

After all the cassia washed out and my hair was tangle free, it was time to wash my hair. I went with the 2 tbsp to 1 cup of water mixture. I felt it was hard to rinse all the baking soda out, and my hair didn’t feel completely clean. Somehow none of these mixtures gave that little bit of squeaky clean feeling right at the start of rinsing as I did the first two washes last week. So maybe I should go back to that mixture (2 1/2 tbsp baking soda to 1 cup of water), but there’s a but. I didn’t experience it to be hard to rinse the baking soda out the first to washes, but I do now, so I kind of don’t want to add more baking soda. However, because my hair wasn’t feeling clean after rinsing it today, I also applied the 1 tbsp baking soda to 1 cup of water mixture. Maybe that made things worse, I don’t know. My hair did feel cleaner than after the previous wash, so that’s a plus! But here’s my plan de campagne: I think I’ll be washing my hair two more times this week, so one time I’ll be using the 2:1 ratio and the other time the 1:1 ratio. I also plan on doing another hair mask before one of these washes, so I think I’ll combine that with the 2:1 ratio, to increase the chance of me washing out the hair mask completely. After the baking soda, I poured some of the acv+honey mixture over the length of my hair, ignoring the top area. I combed it through, carefully (you really want to handle your hair with care when it’s wet, because then it’s at its most fragile), and rinsed. I had some of the herbal tea left, so I poured that over my entire head of hair, let it sit while I continued my shower routine, rinsed it, finished with cold water, and I was all done!

When I got out of the shower, I combed my hair through and applied two drops of jojoba oil, after which I rubbed a small amount of aloe vera gel in between my hand and scrunched it in the length of my hair to enhance my waves. I let my hair air dry, and after it dried the top of my hair felt a bit gritty, just like last time, but definitely not as bad! It looked really clean, definitely cleaner than last time, and the length looked great! Very soft and wavy, also thanks to the cassia I guess. I was very pleased with the way my hair looked today, very voluminous as well!

For anyone who’s wondering, my hair type is 1c/2a-M-ii. For those of you who are not familiar with hair typing, it’s a technique used to describe the kind of hair you have. Your hair type consists of three things: the amount of curl, diameter of individual strands and ponytail circumference.

  • 1c/2a means my hair is straight, but with a body wave throughout, but also with strands that have a long, loose S-wave.
  • M means ‘medium’, and indicates that a single strand of hair feels like a piece of thread when rolled between two fingers, and also that the strand is visible on a contrasting background.
  • ii means that my ponytail circumference is between 5cm (2”) and 10cm (4”), which is considered to be average. My exact circumference is 6,3cm (2.5”) To measure your ponytail circumference, simply gather all your hair in a ponytail and measure, as close to the scalp as possible, the circumference (I like to put my hair in a ponytail using a hair elastic and then tie a piece of thread around the base of my ponytail, tie a double knot in it, slide both the elastic and the thread out of my hair, cut the thread at the knot using scissors and then use a tape measure to measure the thread to get an accurate circumference measurement).

Tuesday, 14-10-2014

I truly had the most amazing hair day I have had in ages! My hair looked great yesterday, after the cassia treatment, but when I woke up this morning and took a quick glance in the bathroom mirror, I had to look again, because there was something surprising going on. My hair looked amazing! The waves, the shine, no frizz… I haven’t had such a good hair day in a long, long time. It was fun while it lasted, because on my way back home on my bike, it started to rain.

Okay, it’s not like I believe my hair magically transformed from a dry, but also greasy, frizzy, dull looking, limp mess to amazing looking, shiny hair in a week time. Tomorrow, when my hair might start to get greasy again, things might not look as bright as they do now. My ends were still feeling a bit crunchy, and after the rain my hair lost a bit of its waves (although it still looks really nice, with nice, soft waves, just a bit less defined), but today, even after the rain, my hair still looked better than it did in ages. I’m pretty sure the cassia treatment has something to do with this great hair day, so maybe the effect will wear off after I washed my hair again. But maybe I’ll be able to retain some of this awesomeness after washing it, because this method is working for me. I surely hope it is.

My hair still felt a bit grainy this morning, but after brushing that almost completely disappeared, and after the rain it was all gone. the ends feel a bit crunchy, but there’s almost no frizz going on (a little bit on the length).

Wednesday, 15-10-2014

Too bad amazing hair days never last… Today my hair’s a bit frizzy, both on the length and top, and it’s also starting to get greasy again, causing it to just hang limp around my face. I’ve applied the DIY dry shampoo tonight, because I have to be somewhere early tomorrow morning and I want to wait another day before washing it again.

Thursday, 16-10-2014

Bad hair day. Bad, bad hair day… That amazing hair day from earlier this week is really coming back to bite me. It’s not so much the state of my hair that’s getting me down, it’s more my thoughts about it. Last night I decided to braid my hair into two rope braids before going to bed and the braids just looked pathetic. Really thin and just not pretty at all. When I took them out this morning I was ready to be disappointed, because I rarely like braid waves on my hair, and disappointment is exactly what I got. My hair looked stringy, thin and limp. It started to look a bit better once the braid waves started to “fade” a bit and my hair looked decent enough throughout the day. But I just couldn’t shake the thought of those pathetic looking braids, it just makes me sad (first world problems, I know). I really don’t like the fact that I don’t have thick hair and that every attempt on whatever kind of braid just looks horrible on my hair.

The roots of my hair looked a tad bit greasy, but not overly noticeable as long as my hair was down (also thanks to the dry shampoo I applied last night). I did have quite a lot of frizz going on today, a bit at the top, but mainly on the length, which was also feeling and looking quite dry.

My original plan was to wash my hair two more times this week: one time using the 2:1 ratio and the other time the 1:1 ratio. But since I really want to stretch my washes, I’m going with a water only wash tomorrow, followed by a herbal rinse (I steeped 1 tbsp dried rosemary and 1 teabag of nettle tea in 2 cups of boiling water, let it sit for a few hours and then strained the dried rosemary out).

I also came across another blogpost on the no ‘poo method today, talking about that ‘slippery’ feeling you should get from the baking soda in your hair, after you leave it in for a while. So maybe I should just leave it in for a bit longer. It’s worth the try.

Friday, 17-10-2014

Well, that was a ‘tried and failed’! As mentioned yesterday, I want to stretch my washes, so I decided not to wash my hair today using baking soda, but just rinse my hair using water, massaging my scalp, carefully combing my scalp to loosen the sebum and finish using the herbal rinse I made yesterday (about half of it I guess, so 1 cup). While still in the shower, I could already feel my hair wasn’t clean, and when I combed it through after I got out of the shower, I noticed it didn’t feel the same as usual. But as it is hard to see if your hair is clean while it’s still wet, I decided to continue my usual routine, applied about a pinky size of coconut oil and scrunched in some aloe vera gel and let my hair air dry. Horrible, that’s how it looked! One big, horrible looking grease ball is the best way to describe it. The length looked okayish, quite frizzy, but it had a nice wave going on and it was soft, but the roots… Greasy, limp, flat, just overall horrible looking. So no, this was not a big success.

Saturday, 18-10-2014

My hair looked slightly less greasy after I woke up this morning, but definitely not good enough for me to feel comfortable to go out with in public (something I was planning on doing today). So I decided to wash it today, using baking soda.

I first applied a quick hair mask, whisking together 1 egg white, 1 tbsp greek yoghurt and 1 tbsp honey (quick tip: if you don’t want it to turn into a liquid, mix it by hand instead of being lazy like I was and putting it in a blender), leaving it in for 30 minutes. While the mask was in my hair, I decided to do some more research on the whole ‘baking soda having to turn slippery’ thing, I stumbled upon earlier this week. Turns out, if you leave the baking soda in your hair for a while after you applied it, it dissolves, turning slippery, as in that it won’t feel gritty anymore, meaning that it did a successful job at breaking down any nastiness going on in your hair.

First thing I did in the shower was rinsing the hair mask out of my hair. Then I wanted to apply my pre-made baking soda mixture, which was already sitting in my bottle in the shower. I was shaking it up, because the baking soda settled on the bottom, but somehow it got rock solid and I was unable to get it to re-dissolve. So I had to wing it. Luckily I keep a spoon and cup in the shower (in case you’re wondering: for scooping out baking soda to make a face scrub with), so emptied my bottle, put 1 cup of hot shower water in it, 2 tbsp of baking soda, mixed it up and applied it to the top part of my hair. I massaged it very well and then let it sit for a few minutes. And to my surprise, when I rinsed my hair, the baking soda was feeling quite slippery and my hair made that squeaky clean sound! I’m pleased, very pleased!

After that, I simply applied the acv+honey mixture to the length of my hair and carefully combed it through, because there was some tangling going on (something I’m not used to, but then again, I always used huge amounts of conditioner). Rinsed it all thoroughly and finished it of with some of the left over herbal tea rinse, which I simply poured over my head and didn’t rinse out (I did squeeze the excess out before wrapping my hair in a microfiber turbie towel).

After I took my hair out of the towel, I carefully combed it through, applied about a pinky size amount of coconut oil, squeezed in some aloe vera gel to enhance the waves and let it air dry. The end result is soft hair with some very nice wave and only a bit of frizz on the top. I’m very pleased.

Sunday, 19-10-2014

I tossed and turned a lot last night and my hair seemed to have had lost a lot of its wave when I woke up this morning. I don’t know if the tossing and turning is to blame for that though, it’s just something I’d noticed. Other than that, my hair looked okay today. A bit limp, but not greasy and quite shiny. Some frizz at the top and a little bit of dry ends, but that’s about it. It’s quite windy outside, so I braided my hair back, just took a few pieces out to frame my face and let it be.

Something I did notice is that I keep getting split ends. I remember from ‘No ‘Poo 1.0’ that I used to wear a satin bonnet to bed to cover my hair to protect it. I didn’t like that thing, because I don’t like sleeping with anything on my head all that much. So instead, I ordered a satin pillow case online today, so I’m hoping that will come in the mail at the beginning of next week.

I’ve been reading a bit about the Inversion Method and I think I’ll give it a go this upcoming week, but without the oils (because that seems like a pain to wash out, using the no ‘poo method).

Not sure yet when I’ll wash my hair again. It’s not greasy yet, but I’m pretty sure it will start to get to by tomorrow night and I need to go somewhere on Tuesday, but I might be able to stretch that wash by using dry shampoo and braiding my hair back.

A quick recap on this second week of ‘No ‘Poo 2.0’:

Monday: Did a cassia treatment and washed my hair afterwards. Had a bit of a hard time getting all the baking soda out and getting that squeaky clean feeling. Hair looked great though.

Tuesday: Had the most amazing hair day! My hair looked shiny, no frizz, beautiful waves, just great! It still was a bit grainy, but that disappeared after brushing it and gotten rained on.

Wednesday: Hair’s a bit frizzy, both on the length and top, starting to get greasy and hanging limp around my face. Applied DIY dry shampoo.

Thursday: Had a really bad hair day, mainly because of my state of mind. Was feeling down because my hair is not quite as think as I would like it to be. Hair looked a tad bit greasy at the roots and quite a lot of frizz. Prepared a herbal rinse for a water only wash tomorrow.

Friday: Because I want to stretch my washes, I did a water only wash today, which was an epic failure. My hair looked like a big grease ball.

Saturday: Because I had places to go today, I decided to wash my hair using baking soda, but first I applied a hair mask and did some more research on that slippery feeling thing about the baking soda I had been reading about lately. Massages the baking soda very well, let it sit for a couple of minutes and to my surprise, my hair made that squeaky clean sound! Hair looked pretty good today.

Sunday: Hair looked a bit limp and lost quite a lot of its wave, but it was still shiny, not greasy and just a little bit of frizz at the top. Braided it to keep it safe from the wind outside.


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